Did Paul Frank Make Your Bike Helmet?

Did Paul Frank Make Your Bike Helmet?

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Artist collaborations bleed into almost every industry with even a glimmer of design (from H&M to Duvel tulip beer glasses), but whenever it hits the outdoor world, we become interested. Take Bell Helmets, whose artist series boasts nine graphic artists from a variety of mediums, from fashion labels Paul Frank to graphic artist Jimbo Phillips, son of the original art director of Santa Cruz Skateboards, whose Segment helmet ($65) may offer the most dramatic way to stand out at the skate park—before you start skating. Of the cadre of models for biking, skating, and motorcycles, we tend to lean toward the cycling helmets like the Fraction ($45) from Paul Frank Industries and SoCal artist Taylor Reeve and her three models, the full-face Full-9 ($400), Segment ($45), and nicely ventilated Super ($125).These limited-release helmets aren’t always easy to find (eBay is your friend), but the effort should be rewarding. Oh, and in addition to looking entirely different from the rest of the helmets on the market, they pass all the safety standards with flying colors—as you’d expect from a company that’s been making multisport helmets since 1954.
—Nathan Borchelt

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