Meet the Backpack with a Built-In Chair

Meet the Backpack with a Built-In Chair


Have you ever found yourself standing in line for an extended period of time, wishing that you had something to sit on? Or perhaps you’ve attended an outdoor concert or show but forgot to bring a chair with you? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a chair that you could conveniently take along no matter where you went? And what if that chair was actually integrated directly into your backpack? That’s the premise behind the Bagobago, a backpack that looks nondescript in most ways, but can quickly and easily convert to a surprisingly stable stool in just a matter of seconds. 

As a backpack, the Bagobago has all the features you would expect from a good daypack. Its spacious interior has a capacity of 22 liters, it comes equipped with a laptop sleeve, and it has reticulated side pockets for carrying water bottles. It also has a small external storage compartment for a mobile phone, wallet or other small items. The bag is even made from waterproof materials that help keep its contents well protected from the elements. On top of that, it also meets airline requirements for carry-on luggage, making it an enticing option for frequent travelers.


But what truly sets this pack apart from the crowd is its integrated stool that allows users to sit down virtually anywhere they choose. The Bagobago has a set of legs that are hidden away under a removable cover. When that cover is pulled back it gives the Bagobago the ability to stand upright on just about any surface. A metal frame is cleverly hidden away inside the pack itself, providing plenty of strength and stability for someone to sit on the stool without fear. In fact, the designers for this product say it is capable of supporting up to 285 lbs. of weight, and can be ready for use in under ten seconds. 

The downside of carrying a stool around inside your backpack is that it does add a bit of weight to the product. The chair alone – including the legs and frame – adds nearly a pound to the overall weight of the Bagobago, which tips the scales at 3.5 lbs. before you even add any of your gear to it. That’s fairly substantial for a daypack that is meant for travel and hiking, and the added builk could turn-off some potential buyers. 


On the other hand, the integrated stool is a unique property that isn’t found anywhere else. The convenience of having a backpack that can carry all of your necessary gear for daily commutes or day hikes, plus having the ability to comfortably sit anywhere does have a certain appeal. 

The Bagobago retails for $147 and can be ordered directly from its official website