Backpack Manufacturer Introduces Line of Self-Healing Bags

Backpack Manufacturer Introduces Line of Self-Healing Bags


The Herschel Supply Company is probably best known for making backpacks with a decidedly retro look, but their latest products look like they’ve come from the future rather than the past. That’s because they use a revolutionary new fabric that is lightweight, water resistant, and most impressive of all, capable of self-healing rips and tears.

The new line of SealTech bags consists of the Lawson Backpack and Sutton Duffle, both of which are minimalist in design but offer some nice features that travelers will appreciate. For instance, the backpack has a laptop sleeve capable of holding a 13″ notebook and comes with a zippered front organizational pocket complete with key clip. Meanwhile, the duffle features leather carrying straps and two-way waterproof zippers that boast knotted leather pulls. In other words, these bags are stylish and well made, but are otherwise somewhat par for the course in the crowded travel pack market.


But the real star of the show is the SealTech fabrics, which is consists of ripstop nylon that is tin and lightweight, yet still maintains the ability to resist tears. But should such an accident occur, the material is covered in an innovative coating that gives it the unique ability to repair small holes and rips.

With its high tensile strength, the SealTech material can suffer a puncture wound without creating a loss of integrity elsewhere on the bag. When coupled with the special coating, the fabrics gain the ability to repair the abrasions simply by rubbing your finger over the damaged area. The combination of the body heat and the sticky outer coating on the fabric will cause the hole to seal. That isn’t something we’ve seen just yet from other travel bag manufacturers.


Herschel doesn’t say just how large of a tear the high-tech fabrics can repair, but I think it’s safe to say that a large slash isn’t going to mend on its own. The self-healing features of the bag are more aimed at repairing smaller holes and rips. Still, it is a pretty handy feature to have on any bag.

 The Lawson Backpack sells for $149.99 while the Sutton Duffle retails for $99.99. Find out more at