AvaTech SP1 Avalanche Forecasting Tool

AvaTech SP1 Avalanche Forecasting Tool

Few technologies in the outdoor gear world have made such vast improvements in the last decade as avalanche safety devices. Countless lives have been saved and the SP1 from AvaTech, announced Sept. 16, is bound to save many more.

SP1 Splayed 2The SP1 is not another fancy necklace that beeps when a skier, boarder or snowmobiler gets buried in a snow slide. Rather, the AvaTech SP1 saves lives by increasing the ability to move precision snowpack reports from remote locations in the field to avalanche forecasters. With that updated data, those forecasters can quickly alert backcountry and sidecountry riders when conditions are just not worth the risk.

The SP1 is capable of reading the structure of snowpack and slope while pinpointing the location. The info is then sent to a universal platform where the location and data are recorded. This process is not a matter of backcountry experts telling friends about the conditions. AvaTech has created a crowd-sourced information system using the highest technology possible. Snow professionals may pre-order now at a special reduced price of  $1,499. The price increases to $2,249 on Oct. 6.  http://www.avatech.com/