Angling Online: Top 5 Sites for Fly Fishers

Angling Online: Top 5 Sites for Fly Fishers

Before casting your line upon the water check these sites for the latest intel—and entertainment—concerning fly fishing and fly anglers.

Best Ode to Fly-Fishing Site:


Founded in 1998 by editor and fly-fishing enthusiast Tom Bie, the Drake is a quarterly print magazine that reads and looks like a love story to fly fishing culture. The photos are beautiful, the words handcrafted. The magazine’s website has much the same aesthetic, plus more content. Online, you’ll find profiles of fly fishing shops around the country, industry news, photography tips, and an active community forum that touches on everything from fly tying to politics. The Daily Drake offers regular installments of short-form beta, ranging from environmental news to five-minute videos to gear reviews of portable coolers.

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Best Irreverent Fishing Blog:


Moldy Chum is a fishing blog with a sense of humor. The blog, which is updated regularly, offers its readers everything from entertainment (Friday pin-ups of lovely ladies fishing) to education (how fish eat, in slow motion) to activism (sign a petition to protect endangered steelhead). The blog launched in 2006 and although the design could use a modern update, the content remains relevant.

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Best Visual Fishing Blog:


Run by Georgia-based fly-fishing guide Kent Klewein and photographer Louis Cahill, is a well-designed site that serves as the landing page for the duo’s guided trips and a polished-looking blog. You’ll learn about bone fishing, polarized sunglasses, the top 10 trout flies, and more. You’ll bookmark this site for the quality of the photography and written content, plus endless fishing insight from a crew of guys who live and breathe the sport.

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Best One-Stop-Shop Blog:


Anglers who to find the latest news, gear updates, advice on techniques, and general how-to instruction should step into MidCurrent. With the likes of Thomas McGuane and Chico Fernandex on the board of directors, the site has a lot to live up to. Fortunately, the staff, lead by Marshall Cutchin, makes the most of the expertise and experience at his disposal to create a blog site that is rich and diverse in content and voice.

Click this site: To get your fly fishing headline news, advice and entertainment.

Best Fishing News Blog:


Gear hounds likely will have already sniffed out this pure news Blog. Editor Kirk Deeter offers an industry-insider’s look at the latest news in the world of fly fishing, from new product launches to changes in regulations and seasons. Angling Trade delves into the nitty-gritty of product design and offers insights into the future of the industry, and the sport that support its.

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