An Affordable, Plug-and-Play Vacation Home

An Affordable, Plug-and-Play Vacation Home

PODhouse 6
Scoring a few acres of backcountry in places like the wilds of West Virginia? Not as pricy as you might think (two acres in Hampshire County can be had for $14,500). Building a house on your new sanctuary? Pretty costly. Thankfully the Swiss have an answer. The PODhouse, from the design firm Robust Outdoor Brands, offers the perfect “pick-and-plot” shelter. Each design uses 100 percent FCS certified larch wood that can handle the brunt of the elements, while a pine interior delivers that rustic/refined vibe that led you to the woods in the first place. Double-glass windows and doors and insulation integrated in the woof and floor add additional warmth, and the shelter comes pre-wired for electronics. The PODhouse sits on iron beams that make it easy to drop ‘em where you want (with a forklift, naturally). They come in three sizes and configurations, each with a tall, arching overall structure. Such portable luxury does come at a cost, with prices ranging from 7,417 to 14,917 Euros (without a 20% VAT), but it’s still cheaper than going it alone. And you avoid the litany of excuses and delays that your potential contractor would surely offer.
—Nathan Borchelt

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