American Mountain Co. Launches Kickstarter Campaign

American Mountain Co. Launches Kickstarter Campaign

American Mountain Co. President Brad Sawdon is straightforward about his mission—he wants to build classically styled performance apparel, right here in the U.S.

“All of our products will be made in the USA, bringing a new level of quality to customers that no leading brand currently offers,” Sawdon said from the company’s Pennsylvania offices.

American Mountain Company No. 907 High Altitude Hardshell Jacket

He recently unveiled his designs for the No. 907 High Altitude Hardshell Jacket, as well as the No. 307 Mid-Altitude Windproof Fleece Jacket, and has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to finance production. Both jackets feature the brand’s waist tightening system, which ensures the base of the jacket stays tight around your waist, as well as the proprietary “Hightop” collar, that is designed to provide increased wind protection and improve heat retention.

Sawdon said he wants to offer an alternative to the “high degree of uniformity” that he sees in technical mountain apparel, with a mix of “unparalleled technology and performance,” as well as a design ethos that is unique in style.

“We combine all of the technology and performance you need and want with a look that will set you apart from the rest,” Sawdon said.

Just as important to Sawdon is the idea that his products will be manufactured exclusively in the U.S. “Today you would be hard-pressed to find mountain wear made in America,” he said. “We demand better. Like many of the other great Kickstarter projects we are committed to helping create jobs in the USA, meaning our mountain wear will always be made in America.”

For more about American Mountain Co. and Sawdon’s Kickstarter campaign, check out this link to the campaign.