Kode Race 18 Corsa Green
The rising popularity in alpine tour racing (read: skinning up and then blasting down a snow-covered mountain) has inspired Osprey to create a pack specifically tailored to this high-octane activity. Aptly named the Kode Race 18, the pack excels at making transitions as easy as possible while boot packing by letting you carry—and remove—your skis without taking off the pack. Simply slip your skis in the high-strength loop that rests on the left side of the pack, and sling them diagonally over the strap on the top right. Done. The rest of the pack should prove to be just as easy to use, with a shoulder harness that wraps the ribcage, adjustable/removeable dual chest straps, a front harness pocket for small gear, another for your skins, and a single ice tool attachment with a bungie tie-off, all for a measly 15 ounces. Admittedly it’s pretty use-specific, but for only $100 we suspect most ‘SkiMo’ racers will find a good excuse to pick one up when the pack debuts next season.
—Nathan Borchelt