Alaskan Air and Looptworks Join Forces to Make Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Alaskan Air and Looptworks Join Forces to Make Eco-Friendly Travel Bags

Carry On Tote 2

Portland based Looptworks has joined forces with Alaskan Airlines to create a unique line of travel bags that is made entirely out of the recycled leather from airplane seats. This collaborative program between the two companies has not only resulted in some impressive looking products that travelers are sure to love, but it has also been good for the environment, while having a positive impact on some of the communities that Alaskan Air operates out of too.

The new Carry-On Collection has just gone on sale and includes five distinct pieces. Travelers can choose from a stylish wallet, laptop sleeve, a tote bag, a cross-body bag, and a traditional messenger bag. Each of the products features high quality stitching, excellent materials including zippers and straps, and are backed with Looptwork’s full lifetime warranty. They also feature simple – but elegant – design that gives them a classic look that is simply timeless.

Carry-On Collection

The collaboration between Looptworks and Alaskan Air began when the airline approached the bag manufacturer for ideas on how to “upcycle” the leather from seats that were being replaced on its aircraft. Looptworks has worked on similar projects in the past, and immediately came up with the design concepts that eventually led to the Carry-On Collection. The efforts of the two companies helped keep more than 4000 seats from passenger aircraft from finding their way into landfills, which is a significant gain for the environment to say the least.

But their noble efforts didn’t end there. Looptworks also partnered with a nonprofit organization in Oregon to train and employ a number of adults with disabilities. Those individuals were then put to work deconstructing and cleaning the leather from the seats before it was handed off to the craftsmen that started the process of creating the new line of bags. In this way, the recycling program not only reused the materials from those seats, but also employed workers in communities that Alaskan Air serves as well.

Carry On Messenger

The Carry-On Collection is available now, and ranges in price from as low as $65 for the wallet to $230 for the messenger bag. Learn more about the entire program in the video below, and then check out the bags for yourself on Looptwork’s website.