Add A “Shacket” To Your Fall Wardrobe

Add A “Shacket” To Your Fall Wardrobe


Now that fall is officially upon us, it can be a challenge to decide just what to wear on our outdoor adventures. The weather hasn’t exactly gotten all that cool just yet, but on occasion there is an undeniable nip in the air that hints at things to come. That’s exactly why Mountain Hardwear created The Shacket – a mid-layer that is designed to fall somewhere between a shirt and jacket in terms of both weight and performance.


The Shacket is available in two different models, both built for men. The Trekkin Shacket features a fleece lining on the inside, but resembles a classic flannel shirt on the out. Meanwhile the Microchill Shacket looks more like a standard button-down with a technical lining inside to help wick moisture away. Both are meant to have the casual look of a shirt that is made for the outdoors, with the durability and extra warmth of a jacket. 

What I like about the Shacket is that both versions can serve as a nice bridge between warmer and cooler seasons, and can still function as a good mid-layer during the winter months too. Early autumn can still be on the warm side, although mornings and evenings are starting to provide a bit of chill. As the season rolls on however, those cooler temperatures will start to take over, and the Shacket will prove to be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. And when the chills of winter do hit, just throw a jacket over the top and your layering system is complete. 


The Microchill Shacket is the lighter of the two models and carries a price tag of $85. The Trekkin Shacket is a bit warmer thanks to its fleece lining, and costs $120. 

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