3 Cool Pieces of Gear on Kickstarter

3 Cool Pieces of Gear on Kickstarter


Demer Box

Built from a Pelican Box – this startup was born while filming on location in Alaska. After a few years of prototyping and custom production, Demer Box is making steps towards full production models. These bluetooth enabled speaker-boxes look like a solid choice for a wide array of outdoor adventures.



Grill Canopy

While this item won’t be making a trip with you into the backcountry, it is the best grill cover I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’m backing this project in hopes of replacing the low-quality cover from Target, currently held together with duct-tape, attempting to protect my backyard grill from the Santa Fe sun and monsoon rains.



FNO Integrated Camping Blanket

A new player in the growing backpacking blanket market, Father Nature Oudoors, has designed a camping blanket that they claim is more versatile and comfortable than other options on the market. Nemo, Cascade Designs, and GoLite have strong entries in this space – what do you think of FNO’s model?